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This story line is set in an alternate reality at Stadium High School; Tacoma, WA. It is an offshoot story line of City of Sin, and runs with the same racial rules and story line rules as the other story line with the exception of activity and applications. This is a just for fun side universe that is based on a younger group of characters who are the next generation (kids of characters in the other story line, or younger generation characters that are based in the same universe).

Not a part of City of Sin?

Do not join this story line if you're not already a part of City of Sin, as this is just an offshoot story line.

What happened?

The savior of the world and reason for the supernatural coming out in the open, Erek Good, bought Stadium High School and converted it to be a school for the supernatural. It is a place to practice magic, refine one's individual talents, and get an education with the understanding that students might have special needs (like absent days on the full moon).

Can Humans attend?

Only humans who have a potential for supernatural growth can attend. Since all humans can learn magic, it is only with the intention of getting a magical education that the student may be allowed to attend. It is more likely to be admited as a human who was born to someone of magical background or has personal magical connections within their personal circle.

Erek Good

The Dean

Racial Information

In Character

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Scenes that happen while class is not in session.

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